Paperpot Vacuum Seeder

$667.08 AUD excl gst

  • Sized specifically for Paperpot Trays.
  • Accurately seed a whole tray with singulated seed at once.
  • Directly seeds 264 cell Paperpot trays with very high accuracy.
  • Choice of seed plates sold separately.
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The transparent seeder body of the precision vacuum seeder allows for easy inspection for clogged holes and/or misses. Seeds are poured onto the plate and the operator moves them around the pan as vacuum pressure collects seeds at each open hole in the plate.

Hold the seeder vertically while lightly bumping the edge against the table until only one seed remains against each hole. Invert the seeder and place over a soil-filled plug tray.

Shut the suction valve, releasing all the seeds at once into their respective cells.

Includes seeder assembly, seed collection tray and holder, small shop vac, orifice cleaner, and inspection light. Made in the USA.

NOTE: Aluminium seed plates are sold separately.

SHIPPING NOTE; Some plates may take up to 6 weeks from order to be custom made.

• Seed Plate A264
• Seed Plate B264
• Seed Plate C264
• Seed Plate D264
• Seed Plate E264

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