Multi 20 | Stand-Up 20 Cell Soil Blocker

$375.85 AUD excl gst

The Multi 20 is one of the stand up soil blockers, creating twenty 3.8cm blocks at a time

This soil blocker can be used with Standard and Long Dibbles, perfect for planting in larger quantities!

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Ingenious in design, soil blockers compress the growing medium to form blocks that hold their shape

The Multi 20 | Stand-Up 20 cell soil blocks can then be seeded or transplanted into

This offers many benefits to the grower:

  • Eliminates the need for plastic trays
  • Decreases likelihood of transplants becoming rootbound, as increased air flow between blocks “air prunes” roots
  • Creates healthier, more vigorous transplants due to oxygenated roots
  • Reduces transplant shock

Developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman


  • Makes 20 soil blocks with dibbled depressions
  • Blocks measure 38mm cubed
  • Compatible with Long Dibbles for creating depressions for holding seeds
  • Includes 20 Snap-in Standard Dibbles
  • Weight: 3.6kg

Johnny’s Selected Seed | Soil Block Maker | Instruction Manual

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