KickStart Probiotic Plant Food

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KickStart Probiotic Soil Conditioner is created to encourage healthy biological activity in soil.  The microbe cultures in the product are active which allows them to unlock nutrients in your soil to encourage plant uptake

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KickStart is a MacroBoost product made in Tasmania which can be used to give crops a strong start or as foliar feeding booster. This solution can be used to water in new seedlings or as a pre-planting soil conditioner

The range of MacroBoost products are “live culture and humic substance-based products that challenge the traditional approach to fertiliser and nutrient management”. The products are a balanced formula of microbes, macro and micro-nutrients, and biostimulants, which are predigested and chelated through fermentation. The prefect organic partner for your garden

KickStart Ingredients: Naturally occurring microbe cultures (yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria)
Nutrients: Phosphoric Acid, Urea, Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Boron
Bio-Stimulants:  Humic acid, fulvic acid, Tasmanian kelp, sea minerals and molasses. Chelated and complexed with natural amino acids and enzymes

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