J-6 | JP Series Seed Rollers

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To suit all Jang JP/JPH  series precision seeders

J-6: 6 slot roller range: 10cm – 25cm. Slot size 12mm diam. 12.4mm deep. Slot shape: half-moon.

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Jang JP/JPH Series Seed Rollers J-6

Suggested crop types


Roller and Selection Notes

Seed Rollers determine spacing of seeds in conjunction with the chain sprockets as well as the amount of seed sown per drop depending on the size and shape of the roller’s slots.

Roller selection is assisted by filtering  from the Seed Drop Range*  and Seed Slot Width using the filters provided

Made from a specialised compound plastic, unique to the Jang seeder, the rollers have non-static and anti-abrasive properties.

* Seed drop range is a close approximation provided in centimetres and may vary slightly if measured in equivalent millimetres

Note: Seed size of your seed may vary in a batch if it is not sourced as a pre calibrated size. Additiionally seed sizes may fluctuate from batch to batch.

Hopper Calibration

After selecting and fitting the seed roller it is important to first check that the seed flow suits your requirements. Callibration only takes a couple of minutes and is critical to successful sowing.

  • Place seed in the hopper and manually turn the hopper sprocket so that the roller is turning in the direction of the Brush
  • Hold the hopper over a tray to catch seeds while manually turning the sprocket
  • Check for ease of turning and correct seed flow
  • Adjust brush up or down if required and recheck flow
  • If any tightness or grinding continues change out your roller to the next slot size up or a deeper hole such as the V groove type.
  • Check that the felt seed guide is allowing correct flow and not bunching any seed by removing abd inspecting the black felt.
  • Push back, raise or remove the felt seed guide for seed types if required
  • When satified return the hopper to the metal metering base with plow shoe
  • Check that the hopper and base are centred, there is an adjusting wing nut to move the meter and hopper left or right of centre. Factory setting should be ‘centred’.
  • Check the plow shoe depth, the depth can be modified by loosening the screw  at the front of the meter base, making sure to tighten bith the bolt head and locking nut. Factory setting should be 10mm (1 groove on the plow shoe positioning shaft).