Wheel Hoe with 300mm Stirrup Hoe

$750.00 AUD excl gst

Fast, accurate, quiet weed control between rows.


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  • Forged Glaser tool frame,
  • Offset handle brackets (incl. option)
  • Standard 300mm centre-mount Glaser stirrup hoe.
  • Australian-made, sustainable 30mm Aus Hoop pine ply handles,
  • Height and angle adjustable handles and attachments.
  • Pneumatic, rubber-tyred wheel.

Strong, lightweight, and highly maneuverable for the fastest precision cultivation of vegetables and flowers – several times faster than a hand hoe.

This Swiss hoe is fitted with Australian-made, sustainable 30mm Aus Hoop pine ply handles cut on a modified Planet Jr. pattern for a better handgrip and improved comfort.

The basic unit includes a forged tool frame fitted with handles and a pneumatic, rubber-tyred wheel, all fully adjustable for height, angle of handles, and attachments.

Includes offset handle brackets for operation from the path and standard 200mm centre-mount hoe.

Glaser | Wheel Hoe | Instruction Manual


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