Danika | F1 Field Indeterminate Tomato Seed

$26.65$327.31 AUD excl gst

A classy indeterminate variety in the 160-170 grams range with intermediate resistance to Fusarium Race 3 and ToMV. Danika has long shelf life qualities with a strong vigorous bush and high yield potential. The globe to deep oblate shaped fruit have a very tidy calyx scar, uniform green shoulder and good firmness when red.

Danika has been widely received by the marketplace due to its striking appearance and presentation in the box. An outstanding variety for both growers and markets alike

Key features

  • Classy field indeterminate with Fol:3 resistance
  • Strong plant with high yield potential
  • Striking presentation in box with excellent firmness at red
  • Resistances: Intermediate: Vd, Fol:1-3(US), ToMV
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