Clemson’s Spineless | Okra Seed

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Traditioinal OP variety

Light green spineless pods consist of 5–8 points and are tapered towards the tips. Cream-coloured flowers are also edible on this vigourous Hibiscus variety. An attractive ornamental. Pick pods young for premium prices. Plants are frost tender. Pod size 6 – 8cm x 2cm. Maturity from sowing 12-14 weeks. Avg. 9,000 seeds/500g

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  • Pick pods young for premium prices
  • Plants are frost tender
  • Size 6 – 8cm x 2cm
  • Maturity from sowing 12-14 weeks
  • Edible Flowers: Deep fry the flowers or eat them stuffed, or use fresh as a striking, exotic-looking garnish. Sweet and mild flavour
  • Vigourous growth habit

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Abelmoschus esculentus

CULTURE: Sow in 50mm pots or plug trays, 3 seeds per pot/cell, 6mm deep. Start 4-5 weeks ahead of transplanting out after frost danger when soil is warm. Keep soil mix temp. 27-32°C for fast germination. Thin to one plant per pot/cell. Transplant 30-45cm apart in rows 1m apart. Do not disturb roots. Use row cover for added warmth to plants and soil.

DIRECT SEEDING: After frost danger, sow 50mm apart,13mm deep when soil is warm – at least 21°C. Thin to 30-45cm apart.

HARVEST: Harvest promptly by clipping pods at 75-100mm long to keep plants productive. Oversized pods become tough.

AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 30g/23m, 360g/300m, 5.3kg/acre at 6 seeds/30cm in rows 90cm apart.

TRANSPLANTS: Avg. 155 pots/cells per 30g, 2,500 pots/cells per <500g at 3 seeds/cell.

DAYS TO MATURITY: From transplant 57 days

SEED SPECS: Seeds/500g: Avg. 9,000.


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