Rotary Plough

$2,880.00$4,230.00 AUD excl gst

The Berta Rotary Plough is available through ActiveVista in two versions. Suited for models  SB38, XB40, BCS740. Please note, the 1.5% member discount does not apply to the walking tractors and attachments

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  • Ideal for opening up new ground
  • Soil friendly, action of blades doesn’t pulverise soil
  • For digging paths and trenches,
  • Covering cover crops
  • One pass, 200-250mm wide, up to 150mm depth.
  • Perfect for hilling up 750-800mm permabeds.

The Single plough throws soil to the right and Swivel Plough by operation of a handle throws soil to either the left or right. We recommend the Single Berta Plough for all micro-farm bed construction.

Primary or Secondary cultivator with a vertical rotor fitted with four plough-type shears that cut into and laterally discharge the soil or standing crop (oats/corn, etc).

The working action causes no panning effect and is gentle on the soil. An adjustable wheel controls the depth down to 150mm. Great for one pass trenching (draining).

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