Berta Flail Mower 65cm,75cm,85cm models

$3,390.00$3,890.00 AUD excl gst

Heavy duty 65cm, 75cm and 85cm Flail Mowers. Extremely robust with heavy “agricultural” reversible Y blades. Suited for walking tractor models SB38, XB40, BCS740. (US model749 equiv.) Tractor not included. See model pages for prices*.

We can arrange nation-wide sales referral with post sale operational support. ActiveVista also handles complete sales and parts to Tasmania and  New Zealand for all Berta and Rinaldi units and parts and BCS/Pasquali Walking Tractor models as agents for Vin Rowe.

*Prices current from June 15 2018. To be reviewed Dec 31 2018.



‘Able to clear bracken and brambles in minutes what could take days, no sideways discharge, everything stays where you cut it, an amazing tool, perfect for cutting green manure crops.’

The Berta Flail mower will mulch high standing crops (for example corn), cover crops, overgrown pasture, green  manure in one pass or simply mow grass like a lawn mower. One of our favourite tools at Longley Organic Farm.

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