Axel Extensions for BCS Walking Tractors

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Extend BCS walking tractor wheel tracks by 24-30cm in both directions to increase overall wheel width for fitting on bed paths and stability on inclines. Made in Australia

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Axel extensions for BCS walking tractors can improve stability on hillsides or rough terrain, or straddle garden beds, by increasing the overall wheel width of the BCS tractor


  • 24cm extentions can be coupled to the 6cm wheel spacers to achieve a suitable width for straddling 75cm raised beds. Note, if beds are terraced the walking tractor cannot straddle the bed if one path is lower, in this case the 24cm extension can be added when on flat ground or for non bed situations on hillsides for added stability.
  • 30cm extensions suit farms with non terraced beds as a permanant fixture for straddling 75cm raised beds and added stability when using implements on hillsides


  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in two different overall widths: 48cm and 60cm
  • Compatible with every BCS tractor model

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