Hiko 40

$40.00 AUD excl gst

The Hiko 40 flats measure 215mm x 345mm x 87mm.  Case of 5 nest height is 270mm.


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Commercial HICO 40 Cell Tray

  • 37mm x 87mm depth,
  • 20mm base opening (no root binding, easy transplant)
  • extra, between cell, airflow increases root zone temperature by 3C*,
  • made from strong uv treated polypropylene,
  • recyclable.

*unheated hothouse conditions

We love them and have been using them in our nursery system for 5 plus years, they have a great life span and wont dry out in a hurry.

Seedling roots are able to over develop without retarding later growth, therefore more time forgiving at transplant point. The seedlings of tender plants can easily and quickly be pushed up from the base, either by using fingers or a cylindrical flat topped object.

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