JM Fortier Market Gardener’s Masterclass

JM Webinar 1-hour free class

As you might know that we’re big fans of the work of JM Fortier, the author of the best-selling book The Market Gardener and one of the foremost experts on small-scale ecological farming.  That’s why we’re happy to invite you to his next webinar.

On June 23rd, 10 am AEST, JM will be presenting 5 Steps To Effective Crop Planning.

In this FREE 1-hour online class, JM will share the exact steps he uses to plan out his whole production on the farm during the winter months.

JM calls crop planning the #1 tool in his toolbox and a big part of the success he’s had on his farm year after year, so we know this might be very helpful to help you plan out your next season your own market garden.  We know for sure that you will learn something of real value.

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