Caterpillar Tunnel

Our Cocoon series offers a range of season extension tunnel kits with four options great for starting crops earlier in springtime, summer shade and keeping plants going longer in autumn. For summer growing you can easily pull the plastic to one side, or remove it completely,  replacing it or covering it with shade cloth using the anchor plate and caribiner system included to protect your crops from the summer heat.

The Cocoon series season extension tunnels are an important part of maintaining a healthy bio-intensive and regenerative soil. They allow the you to easily move and erect the tunnel for shoulder seasons before crop rotation the following year, easily made higher for mid season tall crops such as indeterminate tomatoes and cucumbers.

The Cocoon series offers easy-to-assemble and affordable packages. No shopping for random parts, quick to build and move. All while providing excellent air flow for proper ventilation and protection from rain, hail, and light snow. Plus get free shipping!

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