Paperpot Transplanter Systems and Accessories

Turn hours of labour into minutes with the Paperpot Transplanter!

We are proud to offer the Paperpot Transplanter Systems to Australian and New Zealand market gardeners at a price equivalent to the US retailers price, without the hefty freight charge or waiting period.

We have two great starter packages, both offering substantial value to get the system up and running. Each of these packages can be tailored to suit your needs by contacting us directly.

The ‘Essential Market Gardener System’ allows full use of the system with enough supplies to set up a substantial amount of beds. Our ‘Complete Market Gardener Package’ with extra cell frames and the Drop Seeder system gives time and labour saving benefits at both ends of the process.

Following legislative compliance we have gained exemption for the paperpots to use on our certified organic farm. Both ACO and NASSAA have now granted exemptions.

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