Broadforks and handles

The crew at Longley Organic Farm are strong believers in the benefits of the broadfork or grelinette as a cornerstone tool for regenerative commercial/human scale farming. The broadfork is a popular market gardening tool, especially when creating a no dig, regenerative micro farm.

Broadforking provides deep aeration of the soil without disturbing soil structure or microbial life. With a gentle movement of the broadfork handles toward a user the broadfork will provide a deep soil penetration while not overly disturbing the soil web.

ActiveVista recommends broadforking  for deeper and healthier root development, for leaving soil microbes (beneficial bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, fungi) relatively undisturbed and for greater continuity of soil carbon creation. The broadfork truly is an essential piece of market garden equipment.

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  • Broadfork handles hardwood x 2

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  • Extra Heavy-duty Broadfork Steel handled

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  • Six Tyne Broadfork

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Showing all 3 results